About us

We the ‘adbhutvigyan’ provides the detailed , simplified and easily graspable knowledge on the topics. which is mainly related to physics, chemistry , biology and mathematics . somehow possibly covering the syllabus of 11th class , 12th class , NEET(national eligibility entrance test) , JEE(joint entrance examination). Also B.sc(maths) and B.sc(biology) .

On additional basis we will provide motivational and inspirational articles also .which will help students to work hard for their goals .

The main focus will be on providing the outstanding quality of the knowledge and proper response to the questions asked respectively . As it is said by Steve Jobs ,that ‘your time is limited , so do not waste it living someone else’s life ‘ . Stay focused .

Science for us is as important as it is to drink water . That’s because if you want to be conscious of everything around and the things happening in the world ,you should have a sound knowledge of science . And this knowledge can earn you a good amount of money .which is essential for your living also or if you are deep in this you can do some research work , it is always one of the best platform for anybody .

Admin’s thoughts

As you all know that we have faced problems in getting proper solutions to our every question in our time period at school .

So we thought of a platform which will be available to students anytime and they can study from there anytime , anywhere it will help them use their time preciously . if students are provided with this sort of platform to study they can avoid social media and use their time here , and also they will not fell the need of going tuitions which is clearly money saving and time saving .

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