Human urinary system is consists of 1 pair of kidneys and are located in between T12 – L2/L3 vertebrae.

Right kidney is slightly lower in position.

So,today let’s study and get proper knowledge about the disorders of urinary system so that you can prevent yourself from those disorders.

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Types of disorders of urinary system:-

We will take 9 different types of disorders in urinary system.

1. Renal calculi or kidney stone –

Kidney stones are usually calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate, probable reason for kidney stone formalion are :

a). Hypervitaminosis C and Hypercalcemia

b). Hyperparathyrodism, this increases blood calcium level and cause more elimination of phosphate through kidney. So, in this case there is a risk of calcium phosphate formation.

Symptom – 

Intense pain in lower abdominal and in both sides of lumbar vertebra.

2). Ureter calculi –

Some times kidney stones moves into ureter and blocks ureter, this condition is called ureter calculi.

This is characterised by Aneuria(no urination, complete blockage), Disuria(painful urination) and Haematuria(if blood capillaries are damaged).

3). Brights disease/ Glomerulo nephritis –

This is an autoimmune disorder.

In this case defective immune complex is formed which cause inflammation of Glomerulo filtration membrane.

Symptom – 


4). Diabetes mallitus –

It is caused by either hyposecretion of insulin or due to increased resistance of receptor molecule of insulin or due to hypersecretion of hyperglycemic hormone.

Symptom – 

1. Hyperglycemia : increase in blood glucose level

2. Glucosureia, Ketoneuria, Creatinuria

3. Diuresis and polydypsia

NOTE :- Ketoneuria and Creatinuria also occurs in case of starvation, pregnancy and sternous prolonged work load not supplemented with balanced diet.

5). Renal acidosis –

Failure of tubular proton secretion makes blood pH acidic and urine pH alkaline.

6). Renal alkosis –

Too much tubular secretion of proton makes blood alkaline and increases acidity of urine, which cause burning sensation during urination.

7). Hyperkelamia –

It is high blood potassium level, this condition may cause heart failure, this condition may be caused due to hyposecretion of aldosterone, this decreases urinary elimination of potassium ion.

8). Diabetes insipidus –

This is also known as drinkers disease.

This disorder is caused by hyposecretion of ADH/vasopresin and increased resistance of receptor molecule of ADH.

Symptom – 

1. Diuresis(excessive urination)

2. Polydypsia(excessive thirst)

3. No glucose in urine

9). Renal failure –

Improper functioNing of kidney is called renal failure.

Possible treatment of this is use of artificial kidney(Hemodialysis).


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