Congenital heart diseases classification

Congenital heart diseases classification

human heart- heart diseasesINTRODUCTION:

Hello everyone in the world wants to keep their heart healthy so that they can live a healthy life. So, today in this article I will provide you with the knowledge of heart diseases so that you can avoid them and remain healthy.

Types of congenital heart diseases:-

1. Heart block

It is the first type of heart diseases

This one is the kind of Congenital heart diseases which can cause sudden death also. It is defined as a blockage in cardiac impulse conduction through any part of the cardiac impulse conduction pathway.

(a). S.A. node block(failure of natural pacemaker)

(b). A.V. node block

Reasons * Slow discharge from A.V. node to A.V. bundle.

* Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis

* Defective heart valve

AS:VS = 1:1

Treatment of heart block- Artificial Pacemaker is used to correct the defect in any part of cardiac impulse conduction route.

An artificial pacemaker consists of following parts-

1.Pulse generator[lithium halide battery]

2.Lead wire


And, the pulse generator is placed below collarbone by surgery, it is connected with lead wire and electrode.

And, lead wire crosses through superior vena cava and electrode is connected with the defective part of the heart.

2.Heart Arrhythmia – 

It is the second type of heart diseases

(a). Speed Arrhythmia;

1). Tachycardia – increase in heart rate, more than 100 times/minutes in rest stage.

2). Bradycardia – decrease in heart rate, less than 60 times/minutes in rest stage.

(b). Pattern Arrhythmia;

Heart fibrillation- 1).very rapid uncoordinated quivering of atrial and ventricular muscle.

2).PQRST wave in ECG is indistinct.

3). This condition can be corrected by using electric shock generating instrument called defibrillation.

3.Heart Ischaemia – 

It is the third type of heart diseases

Heart defect caused due to decreased blood flow in heart muscle, and this condition occurs in case of CAD( coronary artery disease).

(a). Angina pectoris – It is the beginning of severe pain in left chest and shoulder region, because of oxygen deficiency in heart muscle, this condition may be caused by coronary thrombosis.

*This may be the early symptom of heart attack.

*Episodic attack of angina pectoris can be treated by using nitro-glycerine tablet/spray, it is vaso-dilator

(b). Myocardial infarction:- Cardiac muscle degeneration caused by poor blood supply in heart muscle.

*Progressive myocardial infraction may cause a heart attack.

*In case of heart attack, heart temporarily unable to pump sufficient amount of blood. So, because of low blood pressure patient faints and sweating occurs.

4.Heart failure

It is the fourth type of heart diseases

The inability of the heart to pump sufficient amount of blood in the body is called as heart failure.

* Reason of heart failure may be heart fibrillation, heart block, myocardial infarction, congestion of pulmonary blood vessel and systematic blood vessel.

*If heart failure is caused by congestion in the pulmonary vein, this is called pulmonary congestive heart failure, characterized by swelling in the lung.

*If heart failure is caused by congestion in a great vein(superior and inferior vena cava) then it is called systematic congestive heart failure. This is characterized by peripheral swelling.

ECG observation- increased QRS time interval.

Acute MI- increased QRS time interval and steep ST wave.

5.Cardiac arrest

It is the fifth type of heart diseases

It is the causation of the electrical activity of heart muscle.

*In this condition ECG monitor emits.

*Pip pip peee sound and flat lines are served on the monitor.

So, these were 5 different types of Congenital heart disease classification and their symptoms and description.

coronary artery - heart diseases


So, we came to the conclusion of Congenital heart diseases classification.

and now after reading this article one can clearly tell the different kinds of heart disease and heart defects and also can get the solution of these problems.

Here, we studied 5 kinds of heart failures. and these are

  1. Heart block
  2. Heart arrhythmia
  3. Heart ischemia
  4. Heart failure
  5. Cardiac arrest

I hope everyone will like this one and your comments are welcomed and your suggestions too so that we can provide you with articles on your demand also.

Thank you and stay connected.

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