Different types of taxonomic aids and its uses

Different types of taxonomic aids and its uses

Introduction:- In this article, we are going to learn about Different types of taxonomic aids and its uses.

Taxonomic means the classification of things especially organisms. Taxonomic studies of various species of animals, plants and other organisms are useful in forestry, agriculture and in general in knowing our bio-resources and their diversity.

Nowadays biologists have found and established certain procedures and techniques to preserve and store the information as well as the specimens. from those some of them we are discussing here today.

Different types of Taxonomic aids:-

1) Botanical gardens: It provides information about local flora. These also provide seeds and vegetative propagules to the scholars.

Botanical gardens mean for ex-situ conservation.

a) Indian botanical garden [Kolkata, Howrah, Shippur]

b) National botanical garden [Luckhnow]

c) Largest botanical garden of the world [Royal botanical garden; Kew, England]

d) Most beautiful botanical garden in the world [Vila Toronto, Italy]

2)Zoological park:- These are also known means for ex-situ conservation strategies. Zoological parks provide information about the food habit and behavior (Ethology) of animals. 

Different types of Taxonomic aids and its uses

a) Largest zoological park of the world:- Kruger[South Africa]

b)Largest zoological park of India:- New Delhi

3) Herbarium: -A storehouse of plant specimen which is dried and preserved.

*Steps for specimen preparation:- first of all “Collection”, followed by “dry”, then “Poisoning”, further “Labelling”, and finally “Deposition”.

a) Collection

b) Dry




Deposition of the specimen is based on the universal accepted classification system [Banthmann and Hookum classification]

Herbariums are referred to as quick referral system.

The herbarium is also used for Alpha taxonomical studies because of alpha taxonomic studies based on morphological categories.

4) Museum:- It contains a collection of plant and animal specimen. No living object is displayed in the museum.

Generally, formalin is used as a preservative material large animals are displayed after stuffing.

5) Keys:- These are used to identify the organism on the basis of similarities and dissimilarities.

keys are analytical in nature. Set of contrasting, the character used for identification is known as ‘Couplet’ and each statement is known as ‘Lead’.

Types of Keys-

a) Bracketed Keys:- These are most popular because bracketed keys have only one contrasting characters.

b) Indented Keys:- These are not much popular, because it is based on a set of (sequence or combination) of many characters.

Flora and Fauna:- Defined as the habitat and distribution of plants of a particular area.

Manual:- These are the listing and description of plants of a particular.

Catalogue:- It is based on the alphabetic order of organisms.

Monograph:- It provides information about the only one taxon at a time.

Some questions on Different types of Taxonomic aids and its uses:-

Q1. What is known as a storehouse of collected plant specimens that are dried, pressed and preserved on sheets?

A1. Herbarium

Q2. Do herbarium serve as quick referral system in taxonomic studies ?

A2. Yes

Q3. Indian Botanical Garden(IBG) and National Botanical Garden(NBG) are situated at?

A3. IBG – Howrah

NBG – Lucknow

Q4. What is the purpose of a botanical garden?

A4. Identification

Q5. Name the taxonomic aid which used to study and reference of both plant and animal specimens.

A5. Biological Museum

Q6. Name the places where wild animals are kept in protected environments under human care.

A6. Zoological parks

Q7. What is the main aim of zoological parks?

A7. The main aim of zoological parks is to learn about food habits and behavior of wild animals

Q8. In keys, a pair of contrasting characters is called?

A8. Couplet

Q9. Couplet represents the choice made between two opposite options. This results in acceptance of only one and rejection of other, so are it true or false.

A9. True

Q10. Each statement in the couplet of the key is called.

A10. Lead

Q11. What does monograph contain?

A11. Information on any taxon

Q12. Which contain the actual amount of habitat and distribution of plants in a given area?

A12. Flora

Q13. What are useful in providing information for the identification of names of species found in an area?

A13. Manuals

Q14. Taxonomists prepare and disseminate information through.

A14. A- Manuals and B- Monographs

Q15. The taxonomic studies of various species of plants and animals are useful in agriculture and forestry and industry and in general for knowing our bio-resources and their diversity is it true or false

A15. True

The conclusion of Different types of Taxonomic aids and its uses:-

In this article, we learned about Different types of Taxonomic aids and its uses.

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