Important MCQs for entrance exam physics

Important MCQs for entrance exam physics

In this particular article Important MCQ’S for entrance exam physics, we will discuss some most important questions asked in previous years examination.

Part A

Q.1 The story of ‘My experiment with truth‘ was written by which great leader

Important MCQ'S for entrance exam physics

(1) Ronald reagon

(2) Mahatma Gandhi

(3) Bill Clinton

(4) Margaret Thatcher

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

Q.2 Which airport has been adjusted as the best airport of the world in year 2014

(1) Kempegowda international airport

(2) Rajiv gandhi international airport

(3) Indira Gandhi international airport

(4) Kochi international airport

Answer: Kempegowda international airport

Q.3 The headquarters of UNO is situated at :

(1) New York, USA

(2) The Hague ( Netherlands)

(3) Geneva

(4) Paris

Answer: New York USA

Q.4 Pulakesin 2 was the most famous ruler of :

(1) Chalukyas

(2) Chalos

(3) Pallavas

(4) Satavahanas

Answer: Chalukyas

Q.5 Introducing a man, a woman said, “He is the only son of the mother of my mother” How is the woman related to the man?

(1) Mother

(2) Niece

(3) Sister

(4) Maternal aunt

Answer: Niece

Part B

Q.6 Complete the following series-

125, 80, 45, 20…

(1) 5

(2) 8

(3) 10

(4) 12

Answer: 5

Q.7 In a certain code language the KPFKC is india, then the DJCTCV in the same language would be :





Answer: BHARAT

Q.8 Find the correctly spelt word :

(1) Occassion

(2) Ocassion

(3) Occasion

(4) Ocasion

Answer: occasion

Q.9 The antonym of the word ‘Flimsy’ is :

(1) Frail

(2) Filty

(3) Firm

(4) Flippant

Answer: Firm

Q.10 The similar word for embezzle is-

(1) Misappropriate

(2) Renumerate

(3) Clear

(4) Balance

Answer: Misappropriate

Part C

Q.11 A ring is in staionaery state in x-y plane in S frame. This ring is given velocity along x-axis such that its area becomes half of what it was in stationery state. Velocity should be :

(1) c/2

(2) c/√3

(3) c/√2

(4) √3c/2

Answer: D

Q.12 If ω is the angular velocity of rotating frame of reference and ν’ is the velocity of body in rotating frame of reference, then coriolis force on this body of mass m in rotating frame of reference is :

(1) -m( ω×v’)

(2) -m( ω×v’)/2

(3) -2m( ω×v’)

(4) -2m( ω×v’)×( v’)

Answer: -2m( ω×v’)

Q.13 Velocity of three partcles of mass 10,20 and 40 gram are respectively 10 m/s along x,y and z axis. Due to mutual interaction between them velocity of second particle becomes (10j + 5k)m/s and third particle comes to rest. the velocity of first particle is m/s is :


(2) -20j-10k

(3) 10j+ 30k

(4) 10j + 20k

Answer: 10j+ 30k

Q.14 Consider a cube of mass M, density ρ and side length α. One of the corner of this cube lies at the origin of reference frame and three edges of the cube along three axes of reference frame. Inertial cofficients Ixx and Ixy of this cube are :

(1) 2Ma²/3, -Ma²/4

(2) Ma²/3, -Ma²/4

(3) -2Ma²/3, Ma²/4

(4) -1Ma²/3 , Ma²/4

Answer: 2Ma²/3, -Ma²/4

Q.15 The cylinder P and Q of similar length, made of same metal, having radii r and 2r respectively are soldered along their axes. Free end of P is claimed while free end of Q is twisted by angle θ. Angle of twist at joint is :

(1) θ

(2) θ/16

(3) θ/17

(4) 16θ/17

Answer: 16θ/17

Part D

Q.16 Eccentricity of a path of a planet is 0.25. the ratio of maximum velocity and  minimum velocity of this planet moving in the path is :

(1) 1:4

(2) 4:1

(3) 5:3

(4) 3:5

Answer: 5:3

Q.17 If A is a constant vector and r is position vector , then

(1) div(A×r)=r

(2) curl(A×r)=r

(3) curl(A×r)=A

(4) curl(A×r)=2A

Answer:  curl(A×r)=2A

Q.18 A solid sphere of radius R is charged in such a way that total charge Q is distributed uniformly. Energy required to build uniformly charged sphere of radius R is :

(1) 1Q²/4πε₀ R

(2) 3Q²/20πε₀ R

(3) 3Q²/5R

(4) Q²/2R

Answer:  3Q²/20πε₀ R

Q.19 A solenoid has its inductance 50 henry and resistance 30 ohms. It is connected to a battery of 100 volt. The time in which the current in solenoid becomes half of its steady value-

(1) 1.15 seconds

(2) 0.50 second

(3) 0.42 second

(4) 0.18 second

Answer: 1.15 second

Q.20 Which of the statement is wrong ?

(1) Intensity of electric field at point (r,θ) due to an electric dipole is inversely proportional to r³

(2) electric potential at the point (r,θ) due to an electric dipole is inversely proportional to r²

(3) Electric field at points located at equal distances along axis and equator of an electric dipole is same

(4) Magnitude Of maximum torque on an electric dipole of dipole moment p in electric field E is pE.

Answer: electric potential at the point (r,θ) due to an electric dipole is inversely proportional to r²





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