Introduction of Magnetic field lines

  • In today’s article, we are going to study about ‘magnetic field and magnetic field lines‘ How beneficial it is and what is the basics of this concept you should know before getting detailed information on it. And hence we will also read about some more topics like what is basic of the magnetic field, magnetic field lines and properties, right-hand thumb rule, solenoid, Etc given in Detail.  So, take your notebooks in your hand and get ready to study physics in an easy and sorted way.

Magnetic field

It is defined as the field which is produced due to moving charges. All we can say that the magnetic field is produced due to current flowing in a particular conductor.

Properties –

  1. The direction of the magnetic field is from the North Pole to the south pole.
  2. Inside the magnet direction of the magnetic field, lines are from the South Pole to the North Pole. These lines are straight lines and parallel to each other.
  3. More strong the magnetic field closer the magnetic field lines are.
  4. Magnetic field lines never intersect each other. Because at the point of intersection if we measure the direction of magnetic field lines then compass needle will show to directions at the same point which is not possible practically. (Compass is an instrument which is used to measure the deflection in an electric circuit which shows that either current is flowing in the circuit or not)

Rules to measure the direction of magnetic field lines and current

Right-Hand Thumb Rule

According to this rule if we use our right hand then the direction of pointed thumb will show the direction of the current. And the direction of curved fingers will show the direction of magnetic field lines. This rule is used to detect the direction of these field lines.

For example, if an electric conductor the direction of flowing current is upwards then the field lines will be in an anticlockwise direction. And if an electric conductor the direction of flowing current is downwards then magnetic field lines will be in a clockwise direction.

What is solenoid?

Have you ever noticed the shape of spring? It is helix in shape. You can simply relate solenoid with spring. But in case of solenoid spring type object is made up of copper wire. When you provide electricity to this solenoid then it exactly behaves like a bar magnet.

The direction of these field lines is from north pole to south pole. Inside the solenoid direction of the field, lines are from South to the North Pole. Hence we can say that a solenoid exactly behaves like a bar magnet in a magnetic field. Write a magnet pattern of field lines are straight lines which are parallel to each other.

Do you know?

Can you think what happens when we insert an Iron Rode inside the solenoid?

Well, the answer is iron rod will gonna magnetize itself in a magnetic field.


So our article is finished and after completely reading this article, one can easily tell what is a magnetic field. And we have also discussed some more topics like what is what is basics and properties of magnetic field lines, right-hand thumb rule, solenoid, Etc.

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