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A electronic circuit that generates square waves (or other non sinusoidal such as rectangular or saw tooth waves) is known as multivibrator.

A multivibrator is a switching circuit. Multivibtators depends for operation on positive feedback. It is basically two stage amplifier, with output of one feed to the input of other Transistor. That means first Transistor’s output becomes input for second transistor. ( Because Transistor gives 180°+ 180°= 360° phase i.e. positive feedback). The condition in which the multivibrator may remains indefinitely until the circuit is triggered by some external signal is known as Stable state.

Types of multivibtators

The multivibrator can be classified in three types on the basis of their existing state,

  1. Astable multivibrator
  2. Monostable multivibrator
  3. Bistable multivibrator

1) Astable multivibrator

Let us consider two state Q1 and Q2. A rectangular (non sinusoidal waveform) Oscillates in between these two states. Here we seen in figure, the waves are unstable in both state. Sometimes it travels in Q1 state and after sometime it goes into the Q2 state. It randomly Oscillate in between these two states. This is called Astable multivibrator.

Astable multivibrator

Applications of Astable Multivibrators.

The Astable multivibrator are used in radio gears to transmit and receive radio signals. And it is also used in time, morse code generators. And some systems which require a square wave like analouge integrated circuits. Astable multivibtators are also used in TV broadcasts.

2) Monostable multivibrator

Here a non sinusoidal wave Oscillates between Q1 and Q2 state But one state is stable. It may be Q1 and may be Q2. The stable state is that state where waves travel for a long period of time until we trigger it. After giving the trigger, it goes in second state. But in second state it stay for a little time (unstable for it). After a little bit of time it itself comes in the first state, which is the stable state.

Monostable multivibrator

Here in figure (a), waves travels for a long period of time in Q1 and for a little bit of time for Q2. So Q1 is stable state and Q2 is unstable state. This is  also called positive stable state.

In figure (b) waves travel for a long time period of time in Q2. And a little bit of time in Q1. So, Q2 is called stable state and Q1 is called unstable state. This is also called negative stable state.

3) Bistable multivibrator

In Bistable multivibrator, both state are stable (Q1 and Q2). When a wave travel in Q1 for a long period of time and when we trigger it, it goes in the Q2 state. And Q2 is also a stable state of this. At that time these waves will be travels for a long period of time in Q2. Until we trigger it again. When we trigger it, it goes into Q1 until we trigger it for Q2. And these process is going on because both Q1 and Q2 are stable state. That’s why we called it a bistable multivibrator.

Bistable multivibrator


So our article is finished and after completely reading this article, one can easily tell what a multivibtators. And how we can explain it , what is astable multivibrator, Bistable multivibrator, monostable multivibrator.

‌So one can say that they got a detailed information about  multivibtators and basic information about multivibtators, types of multivibtators, Astable multivibrator , Bistable multivibrator, monostable multivibrator etc.

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