P N junction in the easiest way with detailed information

P N junction in the easiest way with detailed information

Introduction of P N junction

  • In today’s article, we are going to study about ‘ P N junction ‘ How beneficial it is and what is it’s basics which you should know before getting a detailed information on it. And hence We will also read about some more topics like definition of P-N junction, it’s formation , important process takes place on P-N junction, depletion layer formation, potential barrier etc given in Detail.  So, take your notebooks in you hand and get ready to study physics in an easy and sorted way.

P N junction

When a P type semiconductor is connect by N type semiconductor then resulting arrangement is called P N junction.

P N junction formation

It’s Formation has many methods. Like p-n junction process, diffusing process etc. The diffusion process is best process for making this junction.

Process on junction

When it forms then at junction some very important process form( happen). In fig p-n junction shown as,

P N junction

As we know that in P region, Number of holes and negative ion will exist and in N region a large number of electrons and positive ion will exist. In P region density of hole is very large. And in N region density of hole will diffuse in N region due to variation of charge region. In N region density of electrons is high. And in P region density of electrons is low. So these electrons will diffuse in N region to P region. As shown in fig. A diffusion current will arise due to this diffusion process.

When electrons and holes diffuse at the junction region then a recombination process will happen then these holes and electrons will recombined together and both hole and electrons will disappear. Combination of electron and hole create a very high resistance region. A positive ion will create at the N side of the meta junction and negative ion will Create at P side meta junction. This region is known as depletion region. In this region no free charge region will exist as shown in fig.

This depletion region will create a electric field due to these positive and negative ions shown in fig. This electric field applied a force om minority electrons in P region. And minority holes in N region. Now these minority electrons flow p to N and N to P region respectively. A drift current due to minority charge carriers takes place. The junction will become in equilibrium when these two current drift and diffusion current will equal.

The lose of electron from N region and gain of electron from P region create a potential difference across the function. The polarity of this potential is such as to oppose further flow of carriers so that condition of equilibrium will achieve.

Potential barrier

The potential difference create across the P-N junctions due to diffusion of electron and hole is called potential barrier.


So our article is finished and after completely reading this article, one can easily tell what is P N junction. And we have also discussed some more topics like it’s definition, it’s formation, important process takes place on it, depletion layer formation, potential barrier etc

‌So one can say that they got a detailed information about this topic and basic information about other topics.

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