Papers of B.A. Part 1, 2016

Previous year exam papers give you a better idea about what sort of questions there will be in your upcoming exams that’s why we are providing you with Papers of B.A. Part 1, 2016.

As you all know that nobody wants to study but everyone wants to get passed and achieve a degree quiet guardedly. It’s like nobody wants to sweat but they want to enjoy the sight of sunset from the top of the highest place in their area.

So guys, here we bring you the way to see a way to get away from the college with a rose in a hand and a degree in another.

There will be spines and prickles in your way, there will be trenches and pits in your way, there will be days of vexation and whimpers but as it always said where there is a will there is a way so here we bring you one!

So, to redeem your stress days we bring you previous year exam Papers of B.A. Part 1, 2016.

FACT: Do you know that approximately 50% of the questions will be based on the similar topics which you can find in previous year exam papers :).

And as everyone reading this paragraph knows that how lenghty, wide and vast your exam’s syllabus is but would wish to make you aware of the fact that 60% of your question papers, every frequent year covers some common topics only. Yes, it’s like a similar glass of water is served to you from the whole sea like syllabus mentioned in your books.

So, team adbhut provides you these previous exam papers and the website will be updated every year after exams.

Just like papers we are also providing you pdf notes of different streams, so stay tuned and stay connected we wish you a very best of luck for your exams, just think it’s a compulsory stair for you to reach your final goal.

Keep smiling.


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In this article, we provided you Papers of B.A. Part 1, 2016.




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